Metal Universe

The main business of METAL UNIVERSE – Stara Zagora:

1. Manufacturing and construction of metal structures:
– Design and construction of halls
– Design and construction of warehouses
– Design and construction of grain warehouses silos
– Design and construction of open storages
– Design and construction of office buildings

2. Construction and repairs:
– Construction of industrial warehouses
– Construction of buildings
– Construction of fences
– Construction of railings
– Construction of structures for photovoltaic parks
– Piling pillars structures for photovoltaic parks
– Drilling of soil with drill ⌀300 (300mm)

3. Performance of services with construction machinery:
– Excavators
– Hoisting crane machines
– Aerial platforms
– Front loaders

4. Equipped machine workshop

5. Dry construction services
– Buildings
– Houses
– Concrete fences

6. Automotive services and diagnostics of all kinds of autos and trucks up to 10 tons.

7. Production of agricultural machinery – standard and custom made equipment.