Metal Universe

Our company was founded in 2006 with main activity – Design and manufacture of metal fabrication products, metal constructions and parts for them.

In 2006 we started with the manufacturing of tools, parts and details for the food industry, made from chrome-nickel steel. We produce specific products and equipment for the road construction machinery.

We are also in the market of production and installation of metal structures, installation of thermo-panels, waterproofing PVC membranes, construction of photovoltaic (PV) parks and (PV) power plants, and other activities in the field of production and services.

We have our own equipped machine shop, construction machinery, transportation equipment and warehouse. In the warehouse various products can be arranged according to our customers needs.

In 2018, we launched a new program called “Complete Service of Mechanical Parts for Export”. Our main activity consists of export in Europe and USA.

We work closely with many manufacturing companies. Our main priority in this program is the production of high quality mechanical parts at competitive prices.

We look forward to your inquiries, samples and future business together!

Completed projects:
– Showroom “Honda” – Stara Zagora

– Fence of a car dealership and showroom “Audi” – Stara Zagora
– Production plant “Reno” – Stara Zagora
– Production plant “Korona M” – Stara Zagora
– Construction of photovoltaic parks

– Many other